The Xtract®SR provides
the best in extrication

The Xtract®SR rescue litter is designed for first responders to quickly move patients from their point of incident to further definitive care. Unlike traditional stretchers, the Xtract®SR provides a cocoon for the patient so they can be lifted or pulled across challenging environments without compromising patient care or provider safety.

At the heart of the Xtract®SR is a Duraelite™ fabric cocoon that conforms and adjusts quickly to the variable sizes and shapes of each patient. Once in the Xtract®SR, patient accessibility is maintained and heat loss is reduced within the natural cocoon body position combined with the optional Element Protection System (EPS).

The detachable, and replaceable, ridged sled base with integral high-density foam padding further protects and comforts the patient during transport.

For the first responder, the patient cocooned in the Xtract®SR can be pulled, or lifted, with minimal fatigue and a reduced risk of injury. With the straps engaged in the pulling position, providers utilize the large muscle groups in their legs and shoulders to efficiently move the patient across undefined terrain. In addition to needing fewer responders and freeing up the arms and hands of the provider for stability and secondary functions, the engineered design position of the pull straps promote a more neutral head position for the patient.

Main Benefits of the Xtract®SR


 Weighs less than 7lbs allowing it to be easily carried


Packed into a backpack measuring only 9″ x 22″, the Xtract®SR can be deployed to the patient’s side at the point of wounding. If the drag sled is not needed, the Xtract®2 can be utilized and packs into a 6” x 12” throw bag that weighs 3 pounds.


The Duraelite fabric has been extensively tested and allows us to rate both stretchers to 600 pounds (300Kgs). The Xtract®SR is not rated for a vertical or horizontal hoist rescue.

Temperature Management

The Element Protection System (EPS) provides protection from the elements while maintaining body heat and patient access. An optional single-use, inflatable life bed can be quickly inflated under the patient to provide further comfort and maintain core body temperature.

  • The Xtract®2 Stretcher is a well-thought out piece of equipment. This device bridges the gap between rigid litters like the Talon or SKED and smaller evacuation tarps.

    NTOA Member from Ohio
  • The Xtract 2 stretcher is a small, light, incredibly robust product that works well.

    NTOA Member from Massachusetts
  • After working with the Xtract 2, I think Kingfisher Medical has found a happy medium between “deployability” and safe and sound safe casualty transport. The construction is absolutely top-notch. I would certainly recommend this product to another officer or TEMS personel

    NTOA Member from Virginia
  • With a little practice, I was able to deploy, load and go in an average of 30 seconds.

    NTOA Member from Massachusetts
  • We have removed our litter from being carried and have replaced it with the Xtract®2.

    NTOA Member from North Carolina
  • What I found was a very well made, versatile product that WORKED from the point of injury to the LZ.

    NTOA Member from Massachusetts
  • If you're looking for a lightweight stretcher for multipurpose use, then this would need to be put up at the top of the list.

    NTOA Member from North Carolina
  • Overall this is an excellent piece of equipment that is more than the simple evacuation tarps but is not as cumbersome as a rigid stretcher. These litters could be carried and deployed by non-medical personnel with no concerns for improper use nor fears of use for being too difficult or complex.

    NTOA Member from Ohio
  • All in all, this is a very well-thought out piece of equipment and I could not be happier with the construction.

    NTOA Member from North Carolina


The Xtract®2 is a lightweight robust extraction device which can be carried or dragged from point of injury. Utilizing the Duraelite fabric, the Xtract®2 stretcher has been specifically designed for personnel performing tactical and technical rescue.

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