Developed from military experience and adopted as the frontline stretcher in the British Army. Weighing only 3lbs the Xtract®2 provides the most compact and robust rescue stretcher ever.

 With the Xtract®2 A single rescuer can quickly load and secure a casualty during tactical field care, protecting their injuries and allowing for rapid extrication from the point of wounding. Reducing exposure to the hostile location for both casualty and rescuer.

The Xtract®2 has been rated 4.75 out of 5 by the members of National Tactical Officers Association: NTOA fitting perfectly with the high risk patrol officer and tactical medical support.

The Xtract®SR is a rescue litter designed for first responders to quickly move patients from their point of incident to further definitive care. From extreme rescue situations involving multiple casualties to the everyday EMS run, the Xtract®SR provides an alternative to moving patients across sand, snow, mud, rock, brush, stairs and other environments where cot wheels cannot go.

Unlike traditional stretchers, the Xtract®SR provides a padded fabric cocoon for the patient to keep them warm, comfortable and accessible. Patients can then be lifted or pulled across challenging environments without compromising patient care or provider safety.

For the first responder, the patient cocooned in the Xtract®SR can be pulled, or lifted, with minimal fatigue and a reduced risk of injury. With the straps engaged in the pulling position, providers utilize the large muscle groups in their legs and shoulders to efficiently move the patient across undefined terrain. In addition to needing fewer responders and freeing up the arms and hands of the provider for stability and secondary functions, the engineered design position of the pull straps promote a more neutral head position for the patient.

Finally, a better way.

“What is the best technique for moving the casualty to cover… what if the medic weighs 140lbs and the casualty weighs 220lbs?”

LTC CLIFF CLOONAN Tactical Management of Urban Warfare Casualties in Special Operations, Military Medicine, Vol 165

Research & Development

Years in development the Xtract® range of rescue stretchers provide the most lightweight and robust stretchers on the market. Providing a viable solution to point of wounding casualty movement.

Specifically designed to work in an austere environment, the Xtract® litters can be lifted, carried or dragged and can even be carried over longer distances ‘hands free’ using lightweight shoulder straps.


Extensive independent testing in both lab environment and field testing with serving military personnel. Securely cocooned within one of the Xtract® Litters, your casualty gains protection from hypothermia and the aggravation of life threatening injuries. By using best practice in manual handling, the stretcher reduces the rescuers exposure in hostile locations and manual handling injuries.

Technical Specifications

Size and weight are nearly always a factor in selecting the right equipment. The Xtract® range of litters offer a choice in size and capability The Xtract® Range is engineered to the same high standards whether you choose our Xtract®SR or the Xtract®2.

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