Static Load Testing

The Xtract® range of litters have undergone the most rigorous independent testing program of any similar stretcher on the market. Rated to 660lbs or 300Kgs we continually make sure that all of the Xtract® stretcher range meet a factor 3 safety test, testing them to in excess of 2200lbs (1ton).

For each of our static load tests we utilise a specially constructed multi-point steel spreader beam, a timber and steel half splint human body form is placed into the stretcher to spread the load placed in the stretcher mimicking a human casualty, the foot end draw cord is tightened around the body form, test masses are then placed onto the timber and steel casualty form in increments with care taken to ensure the center of mass remains proportionate to a normal human body. The test is completed successfully when the maximum load (1020kg – 2240lbs) is applied and held for three minutes.

Drop Testing

For the drop test the Xtract® is loaded with a 100kg (220lbs) extrication dummy and connected via an 8 point bridle to the eight carry handles. Due to the flexibility of the dummy, the shoulder and waist handles carry the majority of the load, replicating actual service conditions.

Held by a quick release system, ten repeated freefall of 1m (fall factor 0.3) are used to assess the strength of the handles and the security of the casualty retention system.

In the hundreds of free fall tests which have been completed on the Xtract® range of rescue stretchers no handle failure or full of partial release of the dummy has ever been experienced.

Please note the Xtract® range is not rated for hoist. Whilst the stretchers are robust enough there is no internal harness to secure the casualty inside the stretcher.

“The tests we perform on the Xtract Range go way beyond what the manufacturer states is the safe maximum load.”

Paul Witheridge, Lyon Work & Rescue 

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