Developed from first hand experience

Whilst serving in a forward medical section in Kuwait and Iraq (1990-1991) Colin Smart became frustrated with the large and heavy stretchers available to him as a medic. His belief that there “must be a better way” to move casualties out of harm’s way than to shoulder carry or just “caveman up” and use the many manual handling techniques that were both exhausting for the rescuer and terrible care for the patient.

“By using evidence, experience and operational feedback we have engineered a product that can make a real difference.”

Colin Smart & Simon Pennells Senior Partners, TSG Associates

Research and Operational Feedback

Listening to what active service personnel required from a frontline stretcher certainly gave us some challenges and forced us to think creatively.

The result is, something that on the surface appears to be a very simple extrication platform. However its unique functionality and design has a number of patents and we have collaborated with experts in the fabric industry and researchers in technical textiles to specifically engineer the DURAELITE™ fabric to have the high abrasion resistance and the high tensile strength which makes it all possible.

Xtract®2 is now the frontline litter for the British Army. The 3lb stretcher is so compact that it can be carried on patrol by 1 in 4 soldiers.

Meeting Operational Requirements

Specifically designed to work in an austere environment, the Xtract® litters can be lifted, carried or dragged and can even be carried over longer distances ‘hands free’ using lightweight shoulder straps.

Quick to secure around a casualty, it has been designed to cope with severe blast injuries and compromised anatomy, the Xtract®2 can be easily adjusted to fit individuals from 6ft10” to 3ft8”. The addition of a durable, padded, drag base for the Xtract®SR restricts the adjustability slightly and this can only be reduced from 6ft10″ to 4ft6″.

The innovative elasticated securing system prevents splinting of the respiratory system and allows access to the casualty without undoing straps. Whilst inside the Xtract®2 or Xtract®SR, Dressings, Tourniquets & other treatments are protected from becoming dislodged.

Determined to provide medics with a choice Colin has continued development to provide insulation and comfort to the casualty, securely cocooning them whilst maintaining a more neutral position during a drag extrication. With the Xtract® Element Protection System (EPS) and The Xtract®SR, Colin continues to innovate and develop this range of light weight tactical rescue stretchers

The Solution

Weighing less than 1.5kgs (3lbs) and packing down to the size of a Rugby or US Football, the Xtract®2 is rated to carry 300kgs (660lbs).

Weighing less than 3.5kgs (7lbs) when packed into the 9”x22” pack, the Xtract®SR is rated to carry 300kgs (660lbs) and has an insulated, padded skid sheet, promoting a more neutral head position for the patient.

Whether you are on the frontline overseas, or providing frontline response to your local community, the Xtract® range provides a lightweight pole-less litters which can be carried on operations to provide the responder with the ability to rapidly extract casualties from the high-threat environment.

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