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Are the Xtract® rescue stretchers rated for hoist?

Currently no, the Xtract® range is not rated for hoist. Whilst the stretchers are robust enough there is no internal harness to secure the casualty inside the stretcher.

How do I clean my Xtract® rescue stretcher?

Both the Xtract®SR and the Xtract®2 can be cleaned, the Xtract®SR will need to have the Plastic Base removed before washing and the Xtract®2 will need the metal karabiners removing. Both can be rinsed in a commercial washing machine on a cool wash with NO detergent. We are currently researching which detergents are suitable for use with the DURAELITE™ Fabric.

Can I get one for evaluation?

We do not normaly make Xtract® Litters available for evaluation but please contact us and we will arrange for one of our local account managers to come to you and demonstrate the advantages of the Xtract® range.

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