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Colin Smart, Ex-Corporal in the British Army Medical Corp, has worked extensively with experts in the fabric industry and researchers at Leeds University Technical Textiles Department to design the latest stretcher to be issued to the UK military.

“I know that when it comes to operational equipment there is a lot that you have to carry. It simply isn’t feasible to take a regular stretcher on patrol. However, if you do end up in a situation where you take a casualty, you need to be able to move them quickly and safely.”

Colin Smart

After serving on the front lines during the first Gulf War, Colin Smart realized that there was a place for a lightweight, compact stretcher which would protect the casualty and help a rescuer quickly move them to safety.

Many years later he was in a position to put those ideas into practice. After a further six years of development, testing and research Colin’s ideas have become reality. The patented Xtract®2 stretcher has now been adopted for use throughout the British army, and the Xtract®SR is now being widely heralded as the best point of wounding stretcher available.

Developed from military experience and now adopted as the frontline stretcher for the British Army. A single rescuer can quickly load and secure a casualty during tactical field care, protecting their injuries and allowing for rapid extrication from the point of wounding. Reducing exposure to the hostile location for both casualty and rescuer.

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